Free Sample Offer

Why do we offer a free sample:

We know that once you try TIPTOP, you will understand its efficiency, and you will see what it does to your self confidence.

We want you to join our famiely or tens of thousends of happy and loyel coustomers.

Since we believe strongly that after taking this first step you also will be discover the easy of use, and the immediate effect that TIPTOP can bring to you hair and the change that it will bring to your life.

We decided to remove all obstacles in your way and to  enable you also to experience TIPTOP.

That's why we created the Free Sample Offer.

This offer takes out all obstacles in your way, and enables you to change your life within days!

*Available while supplies lasts.

There are no strings attached:

The offer is purely our way to share with you this great way to give your hair a much younger look and to build your confidence.

Free Sample explanations:

What will happen after you receive the free sample:You can try it (see our "How to use" page), If you don't like it, you don't need to do anything.And if you like it, we invite you to buy from our products.

The Free Sample Policy:
One free sample only per household. 

How much is the shipping fee?
Pay only 9.95$ shipping charges

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